Free download Mobiva Citizen (Public) v1.7.0 for Android

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The description of Mobiva Citizen (Public) AppMobiva Citizen is a community-based safety and emergency preparedness mobile application for disaster alerts. The mobile app is used by the general public to report any emergencies and natural disaster events nearby to warn others.Designed for personal safety purposes, Mobiva Citizen has an alarm built-in feature that sends help text messages with your location to emergency contacts, while emitting a loud siren to deter your attacker and turn bystanders into witnesses.Features include:- Personal alarm.- Help text message to emergency contacts.- Disaster warnings nearby.- Earthquake alerts.- Community announcements.Mobiva Citizen is a mobile application that can be used by any SIM card on any carrier network. You do not need to change your SIM card or mobile telephone number.Start building a safer community and help keep each other safe today.

Free download Mobiva Citizen (Public) v1.7.0 for Android

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Free download Mobiva Citizen (Public) v1.7.0 for Android


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