Free download All format video player v1.6 for Android

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The description of All format video player AppVideo playervideo player with movie player- Support ALL video formats, including MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TS etc.- Ultra HD video player, support 4K.- Keep your video safe with private folder.- Identify ALL video files on your device and SD Card automatically.- Easy to control volume, brightness and playing progress.- Multi playback option: auto-rotation, aspect-ratio, screen-lock etc.- Video player hd for both android tablet and android phone.◆ Video Downloader and mp3 player, mp4 player functionality◆ Ultra HD video player and video downloader, support 4K and all types of video formats.◆ Support Subtitle downloader, video downloader and more.◆ Play video in the pop-up window, split screen and Play-In background as an audio file.◆ Video hider for private videos files and play in mp3 player and mp4 player and more.◆ Playback Speed and Dual Audio support in the MP3 player and mp4 player◆ Sleep timer in Video and Music player and video downloader.◆ Video downloader for facebook, instagram and other social media with mp3 player and mp4 player functionalityVideo Player is one of the most easy control Video Player tools and It can plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices.We ensure that your file is played in the original resolution, through the optimization of the encoding format file playback speed and effectiveness to achieve the best results.Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.Video player is the best video app to play music & video. It is simple operation, quick start, smooth playback. It supports all types of video format and audio format.Video player can plays all ultra high definition video (HD video, 4k video) files too. Equalizer features can helps you to make your audio playing super cool.◆ Online trending videos play in mp3 player and mp4 player and more.◆ Video player HD for both an android tablet and an android phone.◆ Search all media files, create a playlist, search artists, albums, genre, etc.◆ Manage Recently played videos and songs, resume and start over option in the video player.◆ No app has a Video downloader for all videos like this app◆ Night Mode to protect eyes from blue light, Quick Mute option in Player screen.◆ Identify all video files on your device and scan SD Card automatically.◆ Manage or share videos, songs, and photos easily.(MP3 player) for all formats like mp3, mp4 mov etc gives the list of features to play videos and songs. It supports All video formats, 4K/ultra HD video files, and plays them with high-definition. It is one of the best .Play videos in the background option on the video player screen.Enjoy video in the background just like a music playback. Now you can watch a video in the way of listening to books.Video popup enables multitasking. The floating video player overrides other apps and can be moved and resized easily. Enjoy video on the split-screen and use other apps as usual.Support all devices, watch videos on both an android tablet and an android phone.with complete control in media filesRecently played video queue, create playlist, filter duplicate media files, search video and songs, manage photo albums.

Free download All format video player v1.6 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

Get All format video player Google Play

Free download All format video player v1.6 for Android


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