Free download Parental Control v3.4.0.64 for Android

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The description of Parental Control AppThe Parental Control app is designed for parents who want to have control over their children\’s phones.To manage your child’s phone, first install the Calmean Control Center on your phone. If you do not have it, download it here: you install and configure both apps (Calmean Control Center – on the Parent’s phone and Parental Control – on the Child’s phone), you will be able to fully manage your child’s phone:1. Determine This gives you the ability to block or accept any applications your child downloads to their phone.2. Thanks to you can know your child’s exact current location as well as their history of movement to know exactly where they have been.3. Be certain your child – as you are in charge of who can call or send SMS messages to their phone.4. Know when your child (e.g. left school during classes) – by setting zones where the child should be at a specific time (e.g. according to their schedule). If your child leaves the permissible zone or does not appear in it on time, you will receive an alert.5. You will receive a notification if on your child\’s phone… and many other features for parents, who are concerned about their child’s location, safe and secure use of their own mobile phone.The application is also available for tablets!The application requires access to your child\’s phone administration rights to prevent the child from uninstalling the application.This app uses Accessibility services. We use this permission to limit access to apps and websites. It is also used to avoid Parental Control app uninstall.

Free download Parental Control v3.4.0.64 for Android

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Free download Parental Control v3.4.0.64 for Android


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