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The description of Memima Baby AppBECOME YOUR BABY’S FIRST MUSIC TEACHER – ETFES© METHODStimulate your baby\’s musical ear with Memima Baby’s Ear Training For Early Stimulation method (0-5 years old).• Music Education Method to boost your baby’s abilities for learning: + 2000 ear training exercises to step up your kid in the music game• Stimulate and improve your kid\’s Auditory Perception: Develop your baby\’s inner ear, the ability to accurately hear and identify musical elements• Improve your child’s Language Development: Memima Baby® will thicken the web of circuits vital to sound processing and comprehensionBENEFITS: ETFES© method (Ear Training for Early Stimulation)• Improve Language Development• Improve Fine Motor Skills And Coordination• Improve Problem Solving Skills• Improve Focus And MemoryMemima Baby® integrates a unique advanced early stimulation method for babies through music, sound and the emotional bonds with parents during the sessions.Our exclusive method has been developed and tested by memima Baby®. It is the first method which offers auditory musical training for your baby and adapts it for early stimulation through relaxation.Any peaceful moment is a perfect time to listen to the Memima Baby® sessions.Learn about the benefits of our method· Emotional bond. During the sessions, you\’ll stimulate your bonds of affection.· Musical stimulation. Work and stimulate your baby\’s musical ear.· Unique sensory and emotional experience.· Emergence of babbling and language. Stimulating the emergence of babbling and language.Take advantage of the window of opportunity for brain plasticity until age 3: the limited time when it\’s possible to stimulate a specific neuronal area and influence the creation of synaptic connections.EASY AND EFFECTIVE – DAILY ROUTINESSeek that unique personal moment and enjoy it during the sessions and exercises.HOW IT WORKS: LISTENING CATEGORIES – EAR TRAININGLet your child listen to an exercise session during:• PRENATAL STIMULATION (+24 weeks of pregnancy)• WAKE UP (0-5 years old)• BREAST OR BOTTLE FEEDING (+0 months old)• BATH TIME (0-36 months old)• MASSAGE & CARESSES (0-36 months old)• CALM & RELAXATION (0-5 years old)HOW IT WORKS: INTERACTION AND EXPLORATION CATEGORIES• PLAY INSTRUMENTS (+ 6 months old)• DANCE & SING (0-5 years old)• MINDFULNESS (2-5 years old)WHY MEMIMA BABY®?Before language, babies have a certain capacity for music, as such, whether innately or unconsciously, we tend to sing rather than talk to babies.During this period, babies understand the intonation much better than the message itself. Week after week, your baby will be internalizing and learning different musical concepts. You\’ll work on the distance between different notes, the tones and sound qualities of chords and scales, the initiation to intonation and singing, creating melodies…This is a particularly interesting period to educate or train their musical ear. Your baby is listening in order to learn to speak.A DAILY PROGRAM THAT SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT – FACTS:• Musical cognition and language cognition go hand in hand.• As music training boosts all the language-related networks in the brain, it is expected to be beneficial in the acquisition of foreign languages.• The positive feelings which a baby receives during their first years of life will have very beneficial effects for their happiness.THE ETFES© METHOD IS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO STIMULATE:• COGNITIVE AREA• LANGUAGE AREA• SOCIO-EMOCIONAL AREA• PREFRONTAL AREAWHEN CAN I BEGIN TO USE Memima Baby® with my baby?The ETFES© Method is designed to be applied after the first month of your baby’s life.More about Memima Baby® and the ETFES© Method: you have any doubt? Ask us any question: [email protected]

Free download Memima Baby v5.8 for Android

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Free download Memima Baby v5.8 for Android


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