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The description of Katha AppKatha News is a personalised short audio news app curating all the Live News, stories, and jobs. We serve the best information curated from newspapers, the internet, and TV news in just 15 seconds. We deliver every relevant news and job right from your district news, Kerala, India, the world and all major Malayalam News channels in just 30 words.Katha is the best Malayalam News app that helps to listen, read and stay updated on all the important news and job in a short audio news format. With our hands-free mode and background player features, you can just click on play and listen to all the Latest news audio in just 15 seconds.Katha App delivers the latest news, top stories and job postings from all your favourite topics and sources in one place based on your taste and interests. You no longer need to search through various news sources across apps and websites. Our expert summary contains only facts and strictly no opinion or bias. Listen and Learn about Health, Covid news, science, politics, Cricket, health, politics, sports, business, entertainment or whatever else you care about with 100% reliability.Katha Malayalam Short News App covers all the breaking news from Kerala, news headlines, job openings and the Live Malayalam news in shorts. Katha Live News helps you stay updated with the latest news in a quick & easy manner. Katha App notifies you when there\’s an important update. You can directly share the information with your friends.Features:⧭ 30 words: Get all-important news summarised in just 30 words.⧭ 10+ categories: Read the news on diverse topics.⧭ 50+ Sources: Our content is curated from websites/news channels all over the internet so that you do not miss anything important to you.⧭ Top 4 News: Top 4 trending stories in just one click away.⧭ Personalised: Your feed is entirely personal and is purely based on your taste and interest.⧭ Dark mode: Switch modes to suit their colour theme preference. Now enjoy Katha News at sundown as well.⧭ Video Share: Share information in Video format.⧭ District News: We bring important news & price updates from every district.Audio Features★ 15-sec News: Listen to the audio news in just 15 seconds.★ Hands-free: Press the play button and listen to all the major news on the go.★ Background play: Close the app/phone and hear news on the move.★ Positive Story & Good NewsExclusive Features:➤ Jobs: Now Apply for private and government jobs in India & Gulf➤ Katha Special: Explanation of daily events, historical dates and popular recent happenings in Audio.➤ Positive News: A positive news is something we all need to hear every day. We bring you a daily dose of positive stories from across the world.➤ Quiz: Based on daily happenings and important news of the day, we bring you a fun way to keep yourself updated. Daily quiz, challenges, leaderboard, weekly winners and much more.➤ Fake News Alert: Our expert curators work towards eradicating misinformation and catching hold of any fake news doing rounds in social media. We notify users instantly against all fake news and promote correct information distribution with reliability at its core.➤ Viral Videos: Katha Daily News app delivers you all the viral and trending videos and stories. Now users don\’t have to rely on any other apps or websites.➤ Horoscope: Katha App brings a daily horoscope based on your star sign. We wish your stars always be aligned well.Katha is a smart news app built for every phone, everywhere and everyone.Download and enjoy the best Malayalam news app experience. Stay smart, save your time, and stay updated about everything that matters to you with Katha App.

Free download Katha v1.48 for Android

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Free download Katha v1.48 for Android


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