Free download OrthovetPlus v1.44 for Android

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The description of OrthovetPlus AppOrthoVetPlus with interactive tutorials and tests allows you to perform veterinaryprocedures, from the clinic to the radiology to get to the surgery. Practical and fast.Do not you remember how a patient is positioned for an X-ray? It is not every day that you have to evaluate a hip in a young dog and that RH called DAR just does not come to you? And then how were the measurements done. Elbows always difficult to interpret and so on … for other joints.Do you want to deepen a surgical technique? consult the index and download the procedure if not present probably will become it soon. The section on clinical cases allows you to focus on some interesting details, mostly surgical or diagnostic.The demo version, free, allows you to take a look only at some parts, however interesting and not without content.Dr. Paolo Morabito

Free download OrthovetPlus v1.44 for Android

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Free download OrthovetPlus v1.44 for Android


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