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The description of Mindable AppMindable is a therapeutic app for panic disorder and agoraphobia. Do you suffer from panic attacks or feel uncomfortable in crowds, narrow/wide spaces, or public transportation? Then Mindable is right for you. In three treatment steps you learn to understand your fears, to trust your body again and live independent of anxiety.The app was developed together with experts and is based on cognitive behavioral therapy. Quality is extremely important to us. That\’s why Mindable is a medical device and is reimbursed by all public health insurers as an approved digital health app. Some private health insurances also cover the costs of Mindable. In the app and on our website we explain how to get a prescription for the app:——Features:- Psychoeducation: animated videos and texts help you better understand your anxiety.- Symptom provocation: get used to panic symptoms and show your body not to be afraid.- Confrontation: Face your fears and reduce your anxiety in the long run. Mindable supports you with over 350 confrontation scenarios.- Weekly checkups & statistics: Therapy is a process! With weekly checkups you always know where you are on your journey.- Anxiety journal: Track your anxiety, panic attacks, and avoidance behaviors and begin to understand your anxiety.——Intended use:\”Mindable: Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia\” is a digital health application for the treatment of panic disorder and agoraphobia. The application teaches evidence-based and guideline-compliant methods and content from the field of cognitive behavioral therapy. The app targets adults 18 years and older who suffer from the symptoms of panic disorder and/or agoraphobia.Mindable is not a substitute for professional psychological help. We recommend that you consult a doctor or psychotherapist in addition to using Mindable.

Free download Mindable v1.2.22 for Android

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Free download Mindable v1.2.22 for Android


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