Free download Medory v1.1.0 for Android

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The description of Medory AppOrganize your health, keep track of your medical history and always carry it with you.We designed Medory to improve the quality of the care experience and allow for better interaction between patients and healthcare professionals. Our goal is to offer the best user experience in every situation and to ensure maximum safety of users\’ health data in compliance with current regulations.KEEP TRACK OF YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY- Collect exams, visits and therapies- Chronologically organize your medical history- Save the most relevant moments to your favorites- Create your health profile with all personal informationMONITOR A THERAPY- Track your progress by adding measurements and symptoms- Easily compare the values of the last monthSHARE YOUR STORY WITH DOCTORS AND SPECIALISTS- Select the most important documents and send them – this will allow your doctor to have a more complete picture- Send your health profile to your specialist so you can skip routine questions- With Medory, if you change professional you don\’t have to do it all over againTAKE CARE OF YOUR LOVED ONES- Create profiles for your family and close people- Organize the medical history of your loved ones right from your smartphone- Always carry their data with youKEEP YOUR DATA SAFE & SECURE- No advertising and profiling- We anonymize your data- Sharing in your hands- Compliant with the GDPR- Your data will be saved on servers in Europe.- You can request the cancellation of your data if you want.Medory is not a simple health record manager, try it now to discover all its features.

Free download Medory v1.1.0 for Android

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Free download Medory v1.1.0 for Android


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