Free download Tether It v2.6.0 for Android

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The description of Tether AppModel your building, monitor its performance, check if its compliant and analyze if its healthy, energy efficient and sustainable.Tether It, built by Tether, is a powerful tool that enables you too:1. Capture building information2. Assess if your home is compliant with the New Zealand Healthy Home Standards3. Install Tether sensors to monitor environmental quality and energy consumption4. Capture survey data5. Establish your buildings own digital identityWhether you are a property manager, healthy home inspector, DIY landlord, building scientist, Architect or property developer, Tether has a solution for you.The Tether Tick, our Healthy Home Standards assessment of compliance feature is a revolutionary tool for Healthy Home inspectors and property managers. The Tether Tick can be fully integrated into your property management platform and provide a seamless experience saving massive amounts of time on double entry while reducing liability and risk exposure.For more information on any of the features within the Tether it application please contact [email protected] or visit

Free download Tether It v2.6.0 for Android

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Free download Tether It v2.6.0 for Android


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