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The description of Shabby Chic Idea AppThe bathroom is a room where someone can shower to cleanse the body. Sometimes the bathroom is also equipped with a sink (hand washing) and latrines.The design of the bathroom must take into account the use of water, hot or cold, in large numbers. Water is also used to rinse the dirt dumped into a sewer or septic tank. The water that splattered against the wall and floor, as well as the steam out of hot water, can cause condensation on cold surfaces.This application is a collection of bathroom design with cool shades and soft, with shabby chic theme that is currently popular.Shabby chic itself is an interior style that began to develop in the UK. This style is identical to the furniture style Pop-impressive Victorian antiques. In addition, this style is also synonymous with feminine interior accessories.

Free download Shabby Chic Idea v10.0 for Android

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Free download Shabby Chic Idea v10.0 for Android


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