Free download Buderus MyEnergyMaster v2.0.0 for Android

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The description of Buderus MyEnergyMaster AppThe intelligent Buderus MyEnergyMaster helps you using your self produced solar electricity even more profitable and environmental friendly. It shows you the energy flow in your home, optimizes your home\’s power consumption and energy storage and therefore completes your Smart Home.Efficient connectivityThe heat pump uses low-cost solar electricity for heating and hot water and is controlled according to the ammount of available surplus energy.Get independent systematicallyThe myEnergyMaster supports you with saving energy in your Bosch Smart Home and also easily inetgrates further electricity consumers with the Bosch Smart Home Smart Plug oder Bosch household appliances.Clear overviewGet an overview on your energy consumption within your home at any time.The app provides the follwing features:- Intuitive and guided commissioning- Dashboard: Everything at a glance- Energy Flows: Overview on the actual distribution of energy in the building- Balance: Energy and cost history of your system- Success: Visualization of self consumption and indepedence from grid supply- Components: Overview and status of all components in your Energy Management system- Configuration of the myEnergyMasterFurther information you can find on

Free download Buderus MyEnergyMaster v2.0.0 for Android

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Free download Buderus MyEnergyMaster v2.0.0 for Android


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