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The description of UbabyCloud AppWhy UBabyCare?Who looks after your baby while you are asleep…?Knowing your baby is doing well by actively monitoring your baby in real time will give you peace of time and ease the stress of parenting.‧Sleep SafetyWhen everyone is asleep, UbabyCloud will help you look after your baby, covering the time when you cannot be close by, so baby can be safely monitored 24 hours a day. If there is an irregular movement then the mat will detect this and give the parent or caregiver an alert. The mat is not a replacement for proper care of the baby.‧Sleep QualityInfants spend more than 12-16 hours a day sleeping due to higher levels of growth hormone. UbabyCloud can report sleep time and quality. You can also improve baby’s sleep quality by streaming a lullaby or mother’s sounds through a micro-speaker in the mat.‧Parent-Child RelationshipModern parents have their children taken care of by a nanny, grandparents, or other caregivers, often after only a few months. The one-year-old baby can distinguish the sound of their caregiver, and parents can stream their voice to baby to improve the parent-child relationship.

Free download UbabyCloud v2.42.061521 for Android

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Free download UbabyCloud v2.42.061521 for Android


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