Free download Step Up v1.4.2 for Android

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The description of Step Up AppMADE IN INDIAStep Up uses the built-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking is required, which reduces battery loss.Step Up – Keep walking, Keep earning.Step Up provides you with real cashback, exciting prizes and much more only for walking so that normal people don\’t need to spend on their diet.It also keeps a track on your regular walking style which helps in calculating distance, time and calories burned.Track your daily steps of last 7 days and see complete analysis on bar graph and get notify whether you have reached your daily limit or not.You can view a graph with the number of steps you have walked and all other information anytime. Let\’s enjoy walking with this app!Working of Step Up:- The first is through measuring the movement of the hips. Because when a person walks, his hips are propelled forward in a back-and-forth motion, the pedometer counts every motion a person makes via the hips as a step. Each person may take a different length of stride that can affect the pedometer\’s measurement differently.- Another method a Step Up uses to measure steps taken is to count the actual number of times your feet step on the ground. This is usually reserved for more high-tech monitoring devices.You can download Step Up free app for android.Other Key Features:- The best pedometer for any phone.- Accurate steps & activity tracking.- Trends displays daily steps, time and calories burned.- Keep an eye on your wallet and get cashback at any moment.Important- Some devices will not record the number of steps when they are locked. This depends exclusively on the specifications of each device and it is not a bug of the app.- It performs best when the phone is on your waist belt.- Uninstalling the app for more than 30 days might delete your statistics from our database.- For any queries related to your cashback you may contact our team at – [email protected]

Free download Step Up v1.4.2 for Android

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Free download Step Up v1.4.2 for Android


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