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The description of START AppDo you want to lose weight the healthy way? Want to track your intermittent fasting and meet your weight loss goals?WHAT IS INTERMITTENT FASTING?Intermittent fasting is a unique, powerful and scientifically proven approach to help you stay healthy and fit through the 16/8 fasting rule. It’s very different from dieting for weight loss. Regular dieting can have adverse effects on your health, hence you should practice intermittent dieting. It’s an approach where you eat only within a fixed 8 hour window during a day while you practice fasting for the remaining 16 hours.This approach of intermittent fasting is endorsed by doctors, fitness and nutrition experts. It’s also recommended by diabetes care experts. Through intermittent fasting, you can experience an increase in energy, immunity, focus and propel weight loss the right way in just 7 days without any change to diet or exercise.1. Increase In Cognitive Brain Function2. Better Mental Agility And Alertness3. Excess Fat Loss4. Improved Stamina And Physical Agility5. Strength Increase6. Burn More Fat7. Better Overall Skin Tone8. Look Younger And Healthier9. Healthier Bones10. Detoxification And Acidity Deduction11. Lowering Body Inflammation12. Improves Overall Pressure On Entire System13. Improves Joint Movements14. Improves Sleep15. Improves Memory16. Wake Up More Refreshed17. Reduction Of Insulin Levels18. Lowering Cholesterol19. Improves Life Longevity20. Improves PCOS In Womenis the best intermittent fasting tracker app to help you track your intermittent fasting hours.“START Intermittent Fasting” app provides wonderful benefits when you’re practicing your fasting schedule. This intermittent fasting timer or intermittent fasting tracker app allows you to keep a track of your meals and water intake and ensures that you rigorously flow the schedule for intermittent fasting on a regular basis. The app motivates you to keep going and provides useful tips and insights on the benefits of intermittent fasting.Still wondering why you should start using the START Intermittent fasting tracker app rather than the regular meal tracker, calorie counter apps? Below are some incredible benefits of using this fasting tracker app – Completely Free Fasting App For 30 days (No Credit Card Charges)⌚ Google Fit and Smart Device Integration Time your fasting with the fasting timer⏳ Daily Activity Tracker to track your regular day to day activities 1-Click Water Tracker for daily water intake Track Key Body Composition Metrics Scientifically Curated Dynamic Stretch Module Scientifically Curated 4-7-8 Breathing Module️ Johnson & Johnson Scientifically Curated 7 Min Home Workout‍♂️ No AdsPopular fasting apps like Zero, Simple, BodyFast, DoFasting and Fastic feature a manual start/stop fasting timer. START features an entire automated fasting tracker and fasting timer. Monitor your weight loss through your weight loss tracker alongside your entire day’s activity. Optimise your sleep cycle to sleep at the right time. Optimise health through START’s daily personalised reminders to track each intermittent fast on your program.If you’re searching for an intermittent fasting tracker for women or a weight loss app to lose weight through proper nutrition rather than through dieting, you should absolutely start using the START Intermittent Fasting app. Download the app today and enjoy full benefits of the app for the first 30 days without paying any fee.The START Wellness team is committed to your well-being. If you have any feedback for us to improve, please send it to us. If you like our app, please rate and review us on the Google Play Store and share the app with your friends.

Free download START v3.1.0 for Android

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Free download START v3.1.0 for Android


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