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The description of Nature\’s Renaissance International Ltd:NRI App AppNRI COMPANY PROFILENature\’s Renaissance International Ltd:NRI is a multilevel marketing or direct selling company targeting over 50 million distributors across the globe.NRI is the marketing arm of Universal Alternative Therapy Discovery (UATD), founded in the year 2016.A global healthcare company dedicated to improve the health of mankind through developing the finest of health Care solutions using African herbs.Headquartered at No. 90 Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria, the company is well positioned to serve humanity.To date, NRI supports the health of populations across Africa and beyond.Our manufacturing plants are designed and constructed in compliance with FDA and NAFDAC regulations and standard of products safety and efficacy.Nature\’s Renaissance International:NRI is dedicated to providing good health and creating massive wealth to the African people and the world at large.Nature\’s Renaissance International:NRI is determined to run a sustainable, unbeatable international MLM structure that aims at reducing poor health and poverty to its barest minimum.Nature\’s Renaissance International:NRI is committed to promoting the finest of Africa\’s rich culture worldwide and to contribute to the well-being of mankind.Nature\’s Renaissance International:NRI is determined to ensure that we provide satisfaction to all our esteemed distributors/ consumers thus guaranteeing good health and good wealth for humanity.OUR VISIONOur vision is to uplift people from the scourge of financial strain to a position of WEALTH, creating millionaires across the world annually and helping people around the world attain optimal health using the amazing gift of nature abundant in Africa.OUR MISSIONUsing Highly potent and wholly organic products, at very affordable prices, unrivaled pay plan and unwavering commitment to excellence (by management and staff) we intend to, through our treasured partners, transform lives – first in Africa and then to the rest of the world.NRI, Good Health…Abundant

Free download Nature\’s Renaissance International Ltd:NRI App v1.5 for Android

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Free download Nature\’s Renaissance International Ltd:NRI App v1.5 for Android


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