Free download Maisha Meds v2.17.0 for Android

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The description of Maisha Meds AppMaisha Meds has developed free software for pharmacies and clinics that have limited internet connectivity and electricity. The software allows you to manage sales and inventory , and tracks patient ID, name, age, and gender. It also allows you to do stock takes, track all revisions to your inventory, and use multiple selling points and tills in an individual facility. This makes it easier for you to help patients access affordable and high-quality healthcare.The Maisha Meds software also provides you with detailed reports about your business, including profit and loss, fast moving goods, and credit that you\’ve provided to patients, and trade credit balances received from suppliers.And most importantly, we now allow you to order directly from 6 suppliers of high quality medications, with discounts of up to 18% off the list price of medicines for these suppliers.To set up the application:Download the app (it is recommended to use a tablet, although you can also use an Android phone)Create accounts for your pharmacy from the home screenDo an initial stock take (enter all stock in your pharmacy on the app)If you need help getting set up on the Maisha Meds system, please email us at [email protected] Thank you!

Free download Maisha Meds v2.17.0 for Android

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Free download Maisha Meds v2.17.0 for Android


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