Free download Lexie v1.2.4 for Android

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The description of Lexie AppFEATURES & FUNCTIONALITYAutofit:Personalize your hearing experience by automatically programming your hearing aids according to your hearing check results.Hearing experts:Talk directly to an expert through voice or video calls, using the Lexie App. Or browse the Help section for more information about your Lexie hearing aids.Adjustable Settings:Easily adjust the volume and environment settings of your hearing aids from the Lexie App. Or ask an expert to change settings on your hearing aids remotely.Access to our Hearing Library:A platform that is full of informative articles about hearing loss and hearing health. There are also resources available for your loved ones, to empower them to give you the support you need.Lexie Rewards:Pay less with Lexie Rewards. Earn rewards points by simply wearing your hearing aids, performing everyday tasks, and giving us feedback that will help us to help you.The Lexie App is proudly built on NAL-NL2 technology, licensed from the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL).

Free download Lexie v1.2.4 for Android

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Free download Lexie v1.2.4 for Android


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