Free download Kood v1.0.9 for Android

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The description of Kood AppProfessional StopwatchesMulti Stopwatches are placed in sequence and run one after the other.Everything works with just one click.So, if you intend to perform tasks in sequence, one after the other, this application will help you a lot.Simple and powerful.Indispensable application to aid physical activities.For example:-What do you want to do?-Running and resting.-Walk, jump and rest.-Jump, rest, run and rest again.You choose the number of timers according to the number of tasks.The time for each task can be adjusted during operation.If you intend to do several activities, how do you intend to control the time of each one and, in the end, know the time of each activity?Series Chronometers does this for you. It is a simple application that will assist you in this activity.Training timer.Fitness.Stopwatch for physical activities.Try it.You will fall in love.

Free download Kood v1.0.9 for Android

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Free download Kood v1.0.9 for Android


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