Free download Embr Wave 2 v1.3.0 for Android

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The description of Embr Wave 2 AppAs the companion app to the Wave 2 wristband, the Embr Wave 2 app puts you in full control of your thermal wellness.The Wave 2 provides instant, strong, and personalizable cooling and warming sensations for relief from hot flashes, thermal discomfort, and stress, and can help you get better sleep.In the app, you can:.- Explore to get recommended thermal experiences for all the ways the Wave 2 can help you.- Edit and save as many favorite thermal sessions as you like, for each setting the starting temperature level, session duration, and name.- Configure your Wave 2 device, including setting light brightness and which device buttons start your favorite thermal sessions.- Update your Wave 2 device software to always have access to the latest features and functionality.Embr Wave is the first scientifically validated thermal wearable + app that helps your body tap into its natural response to temperature to feel better.Embr Wave has received Time Best Inventions honorable mention (2018); the AARP Innovator in Aging prize (2019); the Men’s Health Sleep Award (2020); and the IF World Design Guide Award (2021).

Free download Embr Wave 2 v1.3.0 for Android

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Free download Embr Wave 2 v1.3.0 for Android


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