Download Age of History II MOD APK v1.01584_ELA(Full Paid)

Age of History II is an easy to learn but difficult to master grand strategy war game.

Your goal is to unite or conquer the world using military tactics and cunning diplomacy.

Will the world bleed or bow to you? This is your decision..

Close to history

Historical Age II runs through the entire history of mankind, one era at a time, beginning with the Age of Civilization and continuing into the distant future

Historical battle

Play with numerous civilizations, from the largest empires to the smallest tribes, and lead your people to glory in campaigns spanning thousands of years from the dawn of civilization to the future of mankind

Main feature

Detailed world map with many historical borders

A deeper system of diplomacy between civilizations

peace contract


Create your own history with the in-game editor

Hotseat, play with as many players as there are civilizations in the scene!

terrain type

More detailed population diversity

End Game Delay

Create your own world and play with it!

Scenario editor, create your own course or alternative course scenarios!

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Download Age of History II MOD APK v1.01584_ELA(Full Paid)

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Download Age of History II MOD APK v1.01584_ELA(Full Paid)


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