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The description of Football technical trainings App⚽Football is a collective sport, in which 2 teams of 11 or 7 players face each other. The objective is to score more goals than the opposing team, for which tactics and game strategies will be used. Physical training in soccer plays a fundamental role in performance.⚽Discover grassroots physical training to have the highest level of performance, speed, endurance and strength.⚽Good physical shape is an essential requirement for any soccer player. Because of this, we show you videos with soccer physical trainings that help you according to what you want to work on.⚽Learn step by step different soccer physical training techniques for goalkeepers, midfielders and forwards. We have some of the best grassroots drills that you can practice at home. They can be done with just a ball or a small ball, your own feet and a little dedication.⚽If you are a soccer coach, in this app we will show you different training sessions step by step, as well as exercises specified according to different categories, benjamin, prebenjamin, alevin, infantile, juvenile, cadet, senior, trying to provide material to help the coaches at your job.⚽Train with these soccer exercises at home step by step and you will become a TOP player. Perfect for improving your quality with the ball, control and passing in small spaces.⚽Discover how to create a soccer microcycle or macrocycle step by step, explanatory videos on how to design training sessions from scratch.⚽In this app you will find recommendations for different plays, techniques to make the passes more effectively, training appropriate to each position on the field.⚽Discover our training videos in women\’s soccer. We propose an alternative job to train women.⚽In these videos we show you very effective exercises to improve individual technique in grassroots football, these can be practiced at home since you don\’t need much space, train at home to be a better footballer. From a simple dribble between cones to passes with the wall and much more.⚽The training of a footballer is not only what you see in sports cities, behind there are many hours of the gym … do you want to know what machines they use? What exercise routines do soccer players follow? We show you the best tips so that you can do training at home with this free app for soccer players.

Free download Football technical trainings v1.0.0 for Android

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Free download Football technical trainings v1.0.0 for Android


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