Free download Comrade v1.5.1 for Android

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The description of Comrade AppComrade is a social gaming platform connecting footballers with features including:- Click and kick!!Assemble your football club and challenge others under “Head to Head” mode or join “Free for all” matches as an individual player!- StatisticYour entire football life and results of each match are being recorded and become transparent. Start recording your football life!- Team ManagementAssign number and position for your club members in each match. Recruit and gather your Comrades now!- Level Playing FieldFind opponents or matches based on average age, skill level and aggressiveness, etc, never out of your league!- AttributesJoin our assessment program and get your own attributes and player card!- TournamentsJoin league/tournament with quick access to match info and ranking tables.- Real-life gaming elementsAccomplish missions or stay on top of the ranking table to get prizes and awards.

Free download Comrade v1.5.1 for Android

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Free download Comrade v1.5.1 for Android


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