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Counter side screenshot

Counter side screenshot

Counter side screenshot

Counter side screenshot

Counter side screenshot

Translated the description into English

\”Counter side\” 12 / 16 official service start!

Mission and mission

Up to 160 free recruitment (Gaga)!

Character training × Strategy × Story × Counter anime RPG counter anime


The stage is in the near future in 2044.

\”Erosion phenomenon\” from the rear world counter counter attempt to invade the real world.

As a president of a private military company, you command the platters made up of different people, \”counters,\” and compete against the \”erosion body\” that attempts to invade the \”normal side\”.

Battle system combined with showy performance and strategy

The battle progresses with the simulation element that enjoys the strategy and the defense real time strategy strategy element that defends the enemy\’s headquarters and destroys the enemy\’s headquarters.

During the battle, the character moves and moves, and the fight is done with the animation.

Let\’s cultivate the character of more than 100

Of course, there are more than 100 characters, such as men and modern weapons. You can enjoy beautiful illustrations by dynamic 2D.

The character of the character increases by employment by employment and good salary negotiation. When Aisha heart rises to the maximum value…

Main story over six books

In addition to the main scenario of more than 60000 characters (equivalent to six books), the story of the side story and the character is developed, and the story can be enjoyed more deeply.

Please try to feel the world where you are made carefully and a serious story.

Theme song by Nana Mizuki

The theme song is Nana Mizuki, a vocal actor of Yanagi Mina.

The theme song that expresses the world of \”counterside\” is the game more than the game.

Contents including real time PvP and raid

A variety of fun, such as PVP to combat combat with other players in real time, and raid for up to 24 characters.

More than 75 gorgeous voice actors appear

Gorgeous voice actor makes the character\’s personality more advanced.

AIZAWA, amiyasha, ujimura, Shokai Imai, Mariko Uchida, maiko Uchiyama, Saori Onishi, Ayako kawakura, Ayumi Komatsu, toshiyasu Koga, SATA Sato, Tomokazu Sato, Tomokazu suita, Jun Shimoda, Tomoka Suwa, Junichi suwabe, tomotaka Suwa, Miwa Tsuda, Megumi toyoguchi, Kazuya Nakai, and Kazuya Nakai Machiwara Nakahara, Kaori nabizuka, Ayami numakura, Yuka Hanazawa, Saori Hayami, Yoko hinokata, Misato fukuen, Jun Fukuyama, Nana Mizuki, Kishino yasuno, Akino Yagi, heizei Yuki, and others (abbreviated)

Official Site

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Official line:

Access to smart phone app

We are requesting permission to provide the following services when using the app.

[access required]


[option access rights]

Photos: Video saving is required to upload photos and videos.

Camera: required for shooting of the AR feature, photo and video uploading.

* it is possible to use the service even if you do not agree with permission to access option.


More than Android 6.0: set > app > permission entry > permission list > access permissions consent or withdrawal

– Android 6.0: upgrade your operating system to withdraw access and delete apps

* the app may not provide individual consent and can revoke permissions in the above manner.

Download Free download Counter side v1.0.1707331 for Android

Free download Counter side v1.0.1707331 for Android

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Free download Counter side v1.0.1707331 for Android

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