Free download 幻靈之契 v18.0.4 for Android

幻靈之契 screenshot

幻靈之契 screenshot

幻靈之契 screenshot

幻靈之契 screenshot

幻靈之契 screenshot

Adventurous Level · One Million Gods Place mobile game!

The adventure of the covenant gods, go!

Somewhere in the gloom, someone seems to wake you up

What kind of adventure will you experience if you come here by accident?

Night cherry blossoms, gods of all races called to this…

Make a covenant, and the magic will watch over you

A companion, a master and servant, a friend for life and death?

Is this adventure a dream? Or an illusion of fate?

Fantasy God meet, Lord Lord, you will be with us to make a contract…

==== Game features

Full service to send cub C debut

Charming and charming Daji, the mother of the Jiang Empress, the poor Nie Xiaoqian, the valiant Deng Chanyu… Which one is the one you love? Cast your votes, pick your favorite, and help her become a popular champion, as well as get a special title and profile picture

[Five ethnic gods contract to protect the way forward]

Within the three realms, five races coexist and hundreds of deities have their own powers. As a visitor from another world, you have the ability to call on the deities. If you contract with them, you will be both master and servant and a close friend.

Easily reduce negative zero operation true placement

Team 1 upgrade, all enjoy, reduce your upgrade burden! Easy formation, one second to switch the battlefield, tower climbing, competitive, adventure full coverage, automatic hang up, 24 hours non-stop combat, zero operation true placement, easy upgrade!

[Alliance gathers guild friends to join battle]

An arrow through the clouds, thousands of troops to meet! It is difficult for a single person to dominate the three realms, so join the alliance and Allies to fight for territory and defeat the rest of the alliance to achieve the goal of dominating the three realms!

[thousand change joker attribute restraint to kill a lot]

The battle of three worlds, strategy is king, four professions, five races, both mutual restraint, and complement each other, there is no strongest team, only because of the enemy\’s conditions, flexible collocation, in order to defeat the opponent, boarded the peak

【 Tips 】
* Software grading management method: tutoring 12 years old.
* Parts of the game involve sex and violence, only for people over the age of 12.
* This game is free to use, in addition to the purchase of virtual game currency, goods and other paid services.
* Please play according to your personal interests and abilities. Please pay attention to your playing time and avoid being addicted to the game.

Download Free download 幻靈之契 v18.0.4 for Android

Free download 幻靈之契 v18.0.4 for Android

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Free download 幻靈之契 v18.0.4 for Android


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