Download Sky: Children of the Light MOD APK v0.16.5 (185312)(Mod Menu)

The team that produced the 2013 best game of the year "traveler of the wind" and the highly praised "flower" will bring you an unprecedented experience. A warm social adventure game.

This is a journey to embrace freedom and warmth in the cloud. Join hands with your loved ones and soar in this timeless sky kingdom. The power of love will support you all the way.

[Master returns after many years, and his masterpiece comes again]

Chen Xinghan, a famous game designer, brought another game masterpiece after many years after "journey", which opened an unforgettable social adventure experience and met soaring dreamers in the clear sky and sea of clouds.

[the boundless sea of clouds, heaven and earth soar freely]

Witness a grand and ever-changing sky Kingdom, soaring freely in the dreamlike sea of clouds; Walk with the cloud, resonate with love, freely pursue the dream of "flying" between the vast world, and take the heart as the career.

[meet strangers unexpectedly and move forward hand in hand]

In the journey of exploring the vast world, meet, know, know and help people from all over the world; The constant experience of surprise and moving, illuminating each other and moving forward together with strangers, and opening a unique social adventure.

[set out to explore the mysteries of the fantasy world by chasing light]

With a bright heart, look for the secrets hidden by the long time among the ancient ruins and in the lost country; Meet different people and creatures in the fantasy world during the journey and spread the light to the vast kingdom.

[warm encounter and regain courage to pursue dreams]

Join hands with loved ones, pick up courage and faith, and embark on a fantastic and surprising social adventure; In the journey of chasing light and dreams, company makes the road no longer lonely.

Download Sky: Children of the Light MOD APK v0.16.5 (185312)(Mod Menu)

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Download Sky: Children of the Light MOD APK v0.16.5 (185312)(Mod Menu)


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