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There are no heroes in Love Esquire because you are one of the indispensable courtiers. This is a role-playing simulation game based on humorous novel scenarios. But performing the tasks is not easy when catching girls who are not in the same alliance. Discover exciting stories of love and intrigue between girls. You can also form teams to fight if necessary for your mission.

This is a real-life simulation game based on lovely novel stories but no less funny. In Love Esquire, players are not heroes with enormous strength, but you are bodyguards with distinct charms and powers. Players need to perform many huge tasks, such as conquering different unique heroines. There are a total of five characters you can access throughout the game, and they all have different strengths.

Admittedly, any female character appearing in this game has her own unique strengths. In addition to their beautiful appearance and superior intelligence, they also bring different mysterious stories. Since they’re so unique, it’s hard to conquer them. Look for ways to uncover the stories they have to offer, whether it’s a big conspiracy or a dirty secret. Make sure you explore them all.

As a warrior, aka a courtier in Love Esquire, you will also have strengths that are second to none. You may not be as kind as you think you are, but that’s not bad. When the player is, you have unique powers and possess excellent skills to be able to conquer girls. Or must have the strength to protect your knights no one dies. Skills such as cheering or healing cannot be ignored, all of which are ways to help you win.

Download Love Esquire MOD APK v1.7.0(Unlimited Money)

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Download Love Esquire MOD APK v1.7.0(Unlimited Money)


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