Download Backstab HD MOD APK v1.2.8d(Demo)

Backstab HD on Android – in an exciting reality adventure game, you will play the role of Henry Blake, who pursues justice and exposes traitors. Henry Black, a former officer of the Royal Navy, found himself in the fiercest battle to protect the city from the enemy. He discovered a terrible secret: his companions found themselves a traitor, knocked Henry unconscious and sent him to prison with the help of intruders hidden in the city wall. The most interesting thing begins – you must get out of prison, restore your reputation, find and expose the traitor! Climb, jump and pave the way through various obstacles. Use your deadly fighting skills to defeat your enemies and all those standing on your path. You can ride a horse, which will make you faster in your position. Animal management is performed like a hero, that is, there is no difficulty. Interestingly, you can steal a horse or see a horseman in the street, throw him down and take the horse away.

Backstab HD has a fairly large and colorful world. It has many drawing elements. In order to guide you in this space, you need a map. Its thumbnail is displayed in the upper left corner. Clicking it will open a complete map with all the marks on it. In addition, you can view your inventory, missions, weapons and game statistics. You will get a pointer to help you complete the task. By the way, the tasks in the game are diverse – from simple tasks, such as taking a package to another place, to quite exciting tasks, such as destroying several large ships. The control in the game is constructed in the most comfortable way, which perfectly reflects the combat system, supplemented by combined strike and special effects to make the battle full of vitality and excitement.

Download Backstab HD MOD APK v1.2.8d(Demo)

Download mod apk (85.00MB)

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Download Backstab HD MOD APK v1.2.8d(Demo)


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