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Name You generation
Category Casual
Size 88.9MB
Popularity 6550
Publisher COLOPL, Inc.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 09/06/2021
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You generation The game was released on June 3, welcome to download and experience;
Note: this game needs CC accelerator support. You can download and install \”CC accelerator\” in bug assistant to help you play the game easily.

You generation Game Introduction :

Let\’s travel around Japan and get your local items
In the game part, RPG RPG spread on the map which reproduced actual Japanese topography and altitude.
Complete with the \”astasta\” quest scattered around the whole country!
From Hokkaido to Okinawa is a new sense entertainment app that lets you experience real travel in the game.
It is possible to get \”the place here\” by defeating the enemy in the whole country.
The item that you got is \”asturator\” (the name of the raw character of this game) in \”live\” that is done every day
You can!
We will participate in \”live\” of delivery schedule from 21:00 every day and play \”live character\”
It is done from 21:00 every day
It is possible to meet in the real time with the \”astaster\” that had been adventurous in the game part
Can you?
A traditional vtuber and a delivery person have many one-way mechanisms to read messages sent by you
Eugene is different.
When you throw an item in the game, the item appears in the stage almost without delay.
You can get the item or read the user\’s name and answer it
The service that realizes \”space-time live\” with the same time and space is \”Eugene\”.
Home function
By using your own AR technology, you can see \”raw character\” on your room or desk, just before your eyes
Live space expands. In addition, it is also possible to have the \”asturator\” of my prop be \”rearranged\” to a favorite Costume
Moreover, it is possible to support 360 degrees from the angle and position as well as the front and the angle
It is charm of \”Eugene\”.
Kawaii: Pure & pure
Spirit and innocence \”I am the center of the world!\” Cosmic heaven
My sister is always troublesome
You can see the character and the game part.
Character illustration is \”Fuji Cho\”
Key characters of attractive characters are fujitoko!
That voice actor who cares. A
It is a researcher of the organization \”seat rear\” which shoulders the core of the game part story
Clay voice singer is kotono mitsuishi!

Japan Open World RPG & Story
In the open world on the world close to the reality of the real Japanese
Go to the journey with astastors to save the world.
It is your duty to defeat the strong enemy and restore it!
\”The world\” is saved by using \”restored\” in \”(hash)\”.
In game part there are various missions ready to wait for you to challenge!
Asturator on the side? Live in Japan
It is really alive and there is a character on the side immediately…
Game characters who were fighting together to get back to \”world (hash world)\” in the game part
Live part appeared in \”live\” (hash) live!
Experience the zero distance entertainment that nobody has ever experienced in the \”Eugene\” live part.
The player saves the world by sending it to astasters who restored in the game part.
You can enjoy the communication experience by the cutting edge technology, \”the living character (common character)\” and the sense of distance (zero distance sense) in front of you!
You will save the world!
New technology! Equipped with new dimension ar sharing space and time
The new dimensional ar experience that overcomes ar common sense until now is possible
Enjoy \”zero distance entertainment\”.
Story story
Welcome to the world (hash world)!
The world is saved as much as it is.
The world leads.
There is countless \”world\” in somewhere different from this real world.
But the world faced an unprecedented crisis.
The mysterious invader \”eyes\” that appeared from anywhere.
The eyes of the invader who looks like an eyeball possesses all things in the world and deprives the existence.
Now there are three girls who walk through the world of one side shining star and desert.
They are called \”astastors\” collected from separate worlds by the mysterious scientist \”clay\”.
At the end of the desert world, three people found the curious robot \”Lloyd\”.
If the girl and Lloyd\’s power combine, surely
And start adventure with the girls!
Live × What is the new era of game?
Zero distance entertainment now begins.
Hope is waiting ahead of the desire.
Star Studios
Offiial Site
Formula twitter Pl
Recommended environment
Android 9.0 or higher

You generation Game screenshot :

You generation

You generation

You generation

You generation

You generation

You generation (88.9MB)

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