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Perfect Slime Introduction</h2

Get the most satisfying slime Squishing right now! Make the slimes the way you want to make and play with them in the way you want to feel the squeezing. This game will give you the actual feeling and satisfaction of playing with slime just the way you play real slime in real world. So enjoy the odd feeling without messing your fingers in the virtual world of slime.It doesn’t matter whether you a noob or pro player, young or old because, here you are always the master of slime game. This slime game is more than easy to play.This slime game will let you to choose a ton of slimes. You can choose any type of slime you want. Mix them in the way you want just like your real life.At first you have to put glue and activator in the tray where you want to mix them with slime to create the perfect slime. Then choose the slime type you like to have on the tray. After choosing the slime, at this time you have to choose any color you want to mix with slime. Then choose your sprinkle. After that all you have to do is it to mix them all. Then here you go. You have your slime ready. Start playing with your slime the way you want. Your slime will be auto saved. Another interesting thing is that, in this game you can also mix many slimes as much as you want.

Download Perfect Slime MOD APK v1.0.3(NO ADS)

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Download Perfect Slime MOD APK v1.0.3(NO ADS)


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