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Crayon Adventure Introduction</h2

Play the Adventure Of Crayon Boy Anime game if you are a fan of shin chan games! Do you think you can master advanced martial arts? Joined by the likes of Shinozuke and Georgi, you're headed for quite an adventure! Aren't you excited to show off your new moves?You need to be careful because not only enemies are waiting for you on the evil forest world, but also traps, and items that are meant to kill you.Game play:For a platformer anime game with 2D graphics and pixelated art style, you would be surprised at how stunning Super Railgun game can be.This crayon anime fighting game might be simple at first sight, but some things make it a little more challenging than you would expect, You can destroy the enemies if you use your super power, but be careful not to touch them in any other way, or you will lose a life, When all your lives are over, the game ends and you fain your mission. You pass a level when you arrive at the end of your screen, and you go to the other side.the hero's of shin chan will join you in this series of fights and adventure. Can you deplete the life of a dangerous foe?Have Fun!

Download Crayon Adventure MOD APK v1.3(NO ADS)

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Download Crayon Adventure MOD APK v1.3(NO ADS)


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