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The Slaughter Act One Introduction</h2
The Slaughter: Act One- addictive and atmospheric adventure detectivefor androiddevices. Here you have to become a loyal assistant to the selfish detective and loser Sydney and with him reveal many secrets, as well as to find the mysterious serial killer on the streets of London. You can download the excellent detective quest The Slaughter: Act Oneon Android and explore the dark and foggy streets of the city, wander through dangerous slums, brothels and taverns. You will meet with insidious and suspicious characters who can give a couple of valuable secrets, look for information and reveal the most complex cases. The game has an amazing atmosphere in the noir style inherent to the best detectives, an exciting plot and an incredibly simple, but at the same time addictive gameplay, and a bright and high-quality 16bit graphics will give you a rare but pleasant feeling of nostalgia. Follow the trail of a serial killer, take a chance and become the best detective in London in The Slaughter: Act One! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

Download The Slaughter Act One MOD APK v1.0.678(premium)

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Download The Slaughter Act One MOD APK v1.0.678(premium)


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