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The description of various compote App\”Compote is a favorite food of the world community, especially during Ramadan. Before eating other foods, compote into the main menu when breaking. Besides the sweet taste, compote was fresh and able to help quench your thirst after a day of fasting.Favorite takjil is of concern, not only of the quality of taste, but by the type of material became public appeal.Compote can be found in many different types, ranging from banana compote, potato, until the seed bark. Seeing the rapid development of the type of food, not a few people wondering how to make it.This application will help you in the process of making compote. There is an explanation on how to create your desired compote, many types of compote shown in this aplikasai so you can try different types of compote.\”Hopefully this app useful to you.thank you

Free download various compote v5.0 for Android

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Free download various compote v5.0 for Android


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