Free download Creme v1.3.2 for Android

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The description of Creme AppCreme is an Android application to help users to find and to book a reservation in a restaurant.Creme is Initially Called Vescor and have gone through some changes,Creme helps user to decide the quality of a restaurant from the detailed information and reviews that is gathered from many users that have shared their thoughts about the restaurants.Creme will help a lot of people on finding a restaurant nearby them and make sure that arestaurant they want to visit is having a good services and foods, each user can also contribute to add new restaurant inside the application and also add new reviews of a certain restaurant, so everyone who use the app will be benefited.Creme can help foodies to reduce their time in looking around for place to eat and reduce their time to find whether therestaurant have a great rating or not, all information gathered will be presented in the application as simple and clear as possible in order toavoid confusion and for user to see clearly a detailed information inside the application. Users also able to book a reservation inside the application if the restaurant owner is registered in the helps both users and restaurant owners as a platform for users to find a restaurant they like and also benefit restaurant owner to attract more customer into the restaurant.It is still on early stage so there are still so many features and fixes going to be implemented in the future !I hope you guys love the application…

Free download Creme v1.3.2 for Android

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Free download Creme v1.3.2 for Android


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