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The description of Syllables Dutch AppThis unique app divides every word of the Dutch language into syllables, even very long words. On top of that you learn hints for the correct pronounciation:- Which syllable is stressed or emphasized (bold)- When you pronounce an e, i or ij as an unaccented e or shwa, sounding like: uh (underlined)- Which n and g or n and k in adjacent syllables must together be pronounced as a typical Dutch ng- or nk-sound (italics).Finally, symbols indicate if the vowel(s) in a syllable must be pronounced unstressed, short or long. This allows you to check and train your pronounciation of Dutch text, especially when you encounter rare or combined, long, words, typical for this language.This information is an indispensable help when you learn to correctly conjugate Dutch verbs. Knowing what the last syllable before the -en in a verb is and how it sounds, is essential to determine the stem of Dutch verb. The division in syllables and knowledge which of these is stressed, is also helpful in determining the plural form of nouns in the Dutch language.But this app will also help you to better understand and pronounce complex Dutch words and master all exceptions in which syllable of a word in this language gets emphasized. An essential gadget if you are learning the spelling and grammar of the Dutch language, whether at school, on a course or self study. Helping you to write correctly spelled letters and mails in Dutch and pronounce them correctly.You can enter one or more words or paste a section of Dutch text, up to 2,000 characters, from a website, blogpost or e-mail.This app knows the spelling, division in syllables and location of the emphasis (stressed syllable) of over 200,000 Dutch words. Official Dutch spelling rules are built in and combinations of words are recognized, which means this app can help you with the structure and pronounciation of millions of words in the Dutch language. Your perfect companion to check how to pronounce difficult words from textbooks, newspapers or official publications, like a native speaker in the Netherlands or Flanders.Due to its large database, this app does not need an internet connection to function.The Dutch language has a number of complex exceptions, causing several words to have multiple options for the stressed syllable. In rare cases, the division into syllables of identically spelled words can differ. Therefore, this app does not always show every alternative. But in all everyday cases the division into syllables and hints about pronounciation will help you to get a better understanding of and improve your pronounciation of Dutch words.If you miss any words or syllables or you encounter any diffculty, feel free to mail us: [email protected] mail will always be answered. This is a faster way of improving this app than reviews.More on this unique Dutch syllables app and spelling and pronouncing of words in the Dutch language on our site: http://studio.prosults.nlCheck the other Prosults Studio apps to thoroughly learn and extend your knowledge of spelling, grammar and syntax of the Dutch language.

Free download Syllables Dutch v2.3 for Android

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Free download Syllables Dutch v2.3 for Android


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