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The description of Simpler AppSIMPLER APP is an effective and helpful tool for English learners of all levelsSIMPLER ENGLISH COURSE FEATURES★ GRAMMAR in the form of short and simple topics★ Effective DRILLS for each grammar topic★ ASSOCIATIVE word learning★ DETECTIVE STORIES: a fun new way to practice your English★ Authentic LISTENING material★ Free daily access to TREASURE CHESTS with useful new wordsLearn and master the English language FOR FREE with SIMPLER!Simpler English course includes modules.We\’ve developed an accessible and effective for all-level learners. English grammar can be confusing and overwhelming. Good news: we\’ve done all the hard work for you. We took the most essential and relevant grammar and broke it down into bite-sized topics complete with drills. Each topic is a simple rule or structure, which comes with an instant comprehension check. With this system you can learn English grammar from the basics, all by yourself.We\’ve created an improved for more effective word learning. Each flashcard has a sentence which helps memorize the word using associations. The app uses to help you remember every word. Expand your vocabulary fast with Simpler.At Simpler we know the importance of and learning the correct pronunciation from the very beginning. That\’s why every phrase in our exercises is voiced by a native speaker. And in our section you can put new grammar and vocabulary to use and role play one of the two speakers in a real-life dialogue.are one of the key elements of our course. These are grammar exercises, such as completing a sentence or typing in the translation of a phrase. The drills train you to formulate correct sentences and use new grammar without even thinking about it. Some of the previously learned grammar is regularly added to your drills to keep your memory strong. We use various types of exercises in our drills to maximize the efficiency and make them fun.You can select and set your DAILY GOAL for extra motivation. Practice regularly and see the effects within a week! : Enjoy thrilling detective stories adapted for English learners! Learn new words and phrases and start thinking in English as you solve crimes and mysteries.With Simpler you can learn English for free.If you have suggestions or comments on Simpler App, please, send them to: . We appreciate your feedback.

Free download Simpler v2.20.278 for Android

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Free download Simpler v2.20.278 for Android


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