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The description of Manufacturing Engineering App✴This app is the best resource for your Manufacturing Engineering Study.✴【Topics Covered Based On Below Concepts】*Phase Diagram*Equilibrium Phase Diagram*Binary diagrams*Eutectic system*Intermediate phases*Particle strengthening by precipitation & precipitation reactions*Kinetics of nucleation and growth*The iron – carbon system, phase transformations*Transformation rate effects and TTT diagrams, Microstructure and Property Changes in Fe-C Alloys*MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING*Manufacturing Process*Metal Forming Processes*Surface Finishing Processes*Processes Effecting Change in Properties*Inspection And Quality Control*Mechanization And Automation*COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURING (CAM)*Classification Of Engineering Materials*Furnaces For Melting Different Materials*Blast Furnace*CUPOLA FURNACE*Precautions for Safety of Cupola Furnace*OPEN HEARTH FURNACE*AIR FURNACE*PATTERN*Common Pattern Materials*Metal Pattern*Plastic Patterns*Plaster & Wax patterns*Factors Effecting Selection Of Pattern Material*Types Of Pattern*Pattern Allowances*Core And Core Box*Core Box*Design Considerations In Pattern Making*Hand Tools Used In Foundry Shop*FLASKS*MOLDING SAND*Kinds Of Moulding Sand*Properties Of Moulding Sand*Steps Involved In Making A Sand Mold*VENTING OF MOLDS*GATING SYSTEM IN MOLD*Factors Controling Gating Design*Role Of Riser In Sand Casting*Green Sand Molding*CORE*CORE SAND*MOLDING METHODS*Carbon-Dioxide Gas Molding*Shell Molding*Plaster Molding*SLUSH CASTING*PRESSURE DIE CASTING*Advantages Of Die Casting Over Sand Casting*Comparison Between Permanent Mold Casting And Die Casting*SHELL MOLD CASTING*IRON-CARBON EQUILIBRIUM DIAGRAM*Significance of Transformations Lines*Objectives of Heat Treatment*METAL FORMING*RECRYSTALISATION*HOT WORKING*Classification Of Hot Working Processes*Hot Piercing or Seamless tubing*Hot Extrusion*Hot Drawing*Hot Spinning*Cold Working*Characteristics Of Cold Working*Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cold Working*COLD-ROLLING*COLD EXTRUSION*WIRE DRAWING*Sheet Metal Processes*Cold Drawing*Metal Flow in Deep Drawing*Embossing*Coining*Roll Forming & Shot Peening*METAL CUTTING*CUTTING TOOL*Nomenclature Single Point Tool*Tool Signature*Mechanics Of Metal Cutting*Types Of Chips*Coolants Or Cutting Fluids Or Emulsions*Non-Traditional Or Unconventional Machining Processes*LATHE MACHINE*Construction Of Lathe Machine*Accessories And Attachments Of Lathe*Lathe Operations*Tapers And Taper Turning*THREAD CUTTING*Drilling On A Lathe*Cutting Speed & Feed

Free download Manufacturing Engineering v2.0 for Android

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Free download Manufacturing Engineering v2.0 for Android


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