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The description of Anbe AppAnbe is India’s first vernacular dating app that is designed to bring Tamils residing in and outside India closer for one common reason — finding long-lasting relationships. The word \’anbe\’ translates to \’dear\’ in Telegu. So, the app is designed to offer high-intent dating experience that are culturally aligned to Tamilian needs. Anbe’s unique approach to appreciate sensitivities has made it one of the fastest-growing vernacular dating apps in the country.Features:Setting Cultural Preferences: Anbe appreciates the Tamil cultural nuances and choices that define Tamilian ways of living. We have the preference features on the app that is tailor-made to make sure you find what you\’re looking for in a person. And to help you in breaking the ice, we host a gamut of Tamil pop culture references which you can use in your profile answers — from food to TV shows and cinema.Send \’Notes\’: Anbe \’Notes\’ serves as the best kind of conversation starter which lets users express their interest in someone you really like, by writing to them directly. For all we know, you are just an effort away from the right match.Anbe \’Premium\’: Anbe \’Premium\’ is an in-app paid feature through which you can send more requests and notes, see who sent you requests and unlock more preferences. If you are looking to meet someone who admires Rajnikanth as much as you do, Anbe is absolutely the dating app you should be on.In-app Purchases:Anbe NotesAnbe PremiumNotable Interview:The Hindu:

Free download Anbe v3.8 for Android

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Free download Anbe v3.8 for Android


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