Free download Webasto ChargeConnect App v2.0.0 for Android

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The description of Webasto ChargeConnect App AppGet started now with the Webasto ChargeConnect App – this not only makes managing your charging infrastructure much easier, but it is also a lot of fun.Always keep track of your Webasto charging stations. Thanks to the Webasto ChargeConnect App, you can access a status of your charging stations, the entire charging history, your energy consumption, and much more at any time, from anywhere. The data from your charging stations is reflected in the app, offering maximum transparency, control, and security. The Webasto ChargeConnect App can be downloaded free of charge and can be used for the management of many Webasto charging points – both for private use and for commercial use. Webasto reserves the right to extend the functional scope of Webasto ChargeConnect in future in packages subject to an additional charge.All features at one glance:User registration via appRegistration of any number of Webasto charging stationsStart and stop the charging processLive status of the current charging processUse detailed overview of completed charging sessionsConnect the charging station and backend via Market Place*Share charging station with other usersCreate favorite charging stationsReserve a charging station*Benefit from regular app updatesUpload of firmware updates of the charging station (OTA)*This makes your everyday charging simple and smart:Starting and stopping the charging process: Control your charging station conveniently via the app, saving time for authentication via RFID chip at the parking lot.Live status of the current charging process: Thanks to the real-time transmission, you are always up-to-date. While charging, you can view the current data on your charging process at any time, such as charging duration, status information, or error messages.Connecting of Charging station and backend via Market Place*: If you already use a different backend for managing your charging infrastructure, you can simply select your current provider and share your Charging station data with the backend via the app.Charging station sharing with other users: Would you like to make your charging station available to other users? You can easily authorize other users (e.g., friends, family, guests, or employees) via the app to charge at your charging station.Regular app updates: Webasto provides regular updates to continually optimize the app. The Webasto ChargeConnect App is always up to date and continuously updated with additional, improved features.Detailed overview of completed charging processes: In the charging history, you can view the data from all your registered charging stations. Comprehensive information such as charging duration or power consumption per charging process can be retrieved.Reserving a charging station: Reserving a charging station has never been easier. Simply select the date, time, and the desired charging point in the app and the available charging station will already be waiting for you when you arrive. The selected charging point confirms your reservation with a signal in the LED display.Upload of new firmware updates of the charging station (OTA)*: For the continuous optimization of the charging station, Webasto regularly provides firmware updates over-the-air, so your charging station is always up to date and works perfectly.One-time free registration via app: Using the app requires a one-time, free registration. Simply download the app, register yourself, register your charging stations, and off you go.Have fun charging with the convenient Webasto ChargeConnect app.* In planning, will be available soon via app updates

Free download Webasto ChargeConnect App v2.0.0 for Android

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Free download Webasto ChargeConnect App v2.0.0 for Android


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