Free download TimeTrex v5.0.31 for Android

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The description of TimeTrex App**NOTE: This application requires TimeTrex Professional, Corporate or Enterprise Editions to operate. See for more information.TimeTrex Mobile allows employees to track their attendance from anywhere, even if there is no internet connection! Perfect for home care and trade professionals who are always moving between job sites. Attendance information is then sent back to the TimeTrex server where business rules/policies are applied, supervisors can be notified of exceptions (employees coming in late, leaving early, missed punches, etc..) and payroll can be processed in just a few clicks.***FEATURES***- Record time worked in Branches and Departments. (Professional Edition)- Record time worked on Jobs (Projects) and Tasks. (Corporate Edition)- Easily transfer between Branch/Department/Job (Project)/Task in a single operation.- Team Punch, select your entire team/crew and record their attendance in a single operation.- GPS location is recorded with each punch.- Track time spent on Lunch and Breaks.- Custom notes can be recorded with each punch.- View upcoming scheduled shifts.- Submit requests to supervisors.- Offline mode, continue to record punches even if no internet connection is available, data is automatically uploaded once an internet connection becomes available again.***KIOSK MODE***- Turn any tablet or phone into a powerful stationary (wall mounted) or mobile timeclock.- Employees can use QRCodes to instantly punch in/out using the front or rear facing camera.- Facial detection and photo capturing can be enabled for each punch to help prevent buddy punching.- QRCodes can be used to easily switch between Branch/Department/Job (Project)/Task.- QRCode marcos can be used to assign multiple operations to a single QRCode, ideal for manufacturing environments or complex job costing scenarios.*Additional licensing fees may apply when KIOSK mode is enabled.***COMING SOON***- View historical timesheets.- Verify timesheets.

Free download TimeTrex v5.0.31 for Android

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Free download TimeTrex v5.0.31 for Android


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