Free download ReviewProbe Jobs v2022.1.1 for Android

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The description of ReviewProbe Jobs AppWhether you are a recruiter or you are looking for a job, we have a solution for you.Our app lets you find the right job matching your key skills so that you get a job where you can perform your best and fit just right in. We promise NO FAKE JOBS & NO FAKE PROFILE in our app. Our security feature will be at par with any financial app. We are trying to use latest AI/ ML technology to identify and remove any fake profile or fake or duplicate job posting.Our objective for the employers to get the right candidate who have the necessary skill sets needed to do the job and applicant gets right jobs matching with his/her skills based on verified skills, certificate, and experiences driven by E-score.An applicant, whether fresher or experienced – one can validate certificate from his/her own gdrive, take our pre-screen test. or share work experience with supervisor details to get a proper AI driven Escore to know where the/she stands on the job market.We act as a liaison between recruiters and job searchers to ensure satisfactory solution for everyone.

Free download ReviewProbe Jobs v2022.1.1 for Android

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Free download ReviewProbe Jobs v2022.1.1 for Android


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