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The description of Newploy manager App\”Download [Albam Manager] for managers and [Albam] for employees!◈ Why 120,000 workplaces use Albam!# Send and get real time mobile notifications about the work schedule.The manager checks the commuting status of employees in real time even when not in the workplace.# Prevent fake attendance with Albam Patent. (US Patented system).You can choose one of three.1. Albam Beacon free rental: Employees can commute to their smartphones only within the actual workplace.2. wifi: If you register wifi, you can check commuting only at designated places.3. Bluetooth: Use immediately after registering the Bluetooth signal at the workplace.#Work schedule management is easy.Create or edit work schedules in real time.# Register & manage multiple workplaces at the same time.Even if you operate multiple workplaces, you can see the current status of all employees at a glance.Domestic / overseas business sites can be managed collectively at the head office.# Web administrator / Export work records in Excel format.Employee management is available on the PC as well as the app, and various work/salary reports are downloaded to Excel or sent via email.* Automated payroll system (coming soon)*◈ How to start Albam(1) If you are an administrator, download [Albam Manager].(2) In the app, listen to the basic procedures such as [Membership Registration-Business Registration-Device Application-Employee Registration].(3) Installing Albam Beacon.* Albam equipment is in business* Albam Beacon is all set.(4) Employees start commuting check with [Albam] app.※ Please leave your inquiry at the Albam customer service center if you have any enquiries about our app.If you only leave a comment within the review, it is difficult for us to accurately diagnose the problem or to respond quickly.Notes:*Automated payroll system will soon be rolled out in the global version.*Albam beacon device provided free for every workplace (free shipping charges for limited time)[Permission required for application usage]- Storage memory/space: download the operation record and recovery Excel[Optional access rights]- Camera/Photo function- Location informationAlbam Website: Contact: [email protected] / +82-1644-33324F, 5, Hakdong-ro 7-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Free download Newploy manager v4.0.17005 for Android

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Free download Newploy manager v4.0.17005 for Android


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