Free download myPayWow v1.9.2 for Android

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The description of myPayWow AppmyPayWow: Employee & Contractor AppPayWow is a secure payroll solution designed specifically for small businesses. myPayWow allows employees to easily request time off, record shifts, download pay stubs, and so much more!New feature! Now through myPayWow, contractors can manage their personal or business information, download pay statements, record their work time, and more!Quick AccessAccess your account using a personal identification number (PIN) or the fingerprint feature on your phone.E-sign employment, tax forms, and direct deposit authorization documents.Manage personal information, filing status, Form I-9 and/or Form W-4 details, Form W-9, and much more.Use myPayWow\’s time clock to clock in and out of shifts, as well as view work summaries for a specific day, week, or pay period.Employees can request time off and receive notifications on the status of requests.Reporting Managers can add, modify and approve shifts and time off requests for their reportees.Tipped employees or contractors can track their daily tips.Employees can download their pay stubs and contractors can download their pay statements.View and download copies of W-2/1099-MISC forms.

Free download myPayWow v1.9.2 for Android

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Free download myPayWow v1.9.2 for Android


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