Free download MOVI Member v1.0.b189 for Android

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The description of MOVI Member AppSticking with iCare Benefits Program’s mission of bringing about a sustainable life for laborers in Vietnam, MOVI wish to continue providing factories’ employees with access to essential needs and desires through delivering products, services and practical financial solutions. Our business revolves around 3 main pillars:- MAINTAINING A HEALTHY LIFE- IMPROVING LIFE QUALITY- PROVIDING SUSTAINABLE AND LEGITIMATE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS VISION:The vision of MOVI is to be the leading and most trusted digital financial services company to achieve national financial inclusion and shape a culture of financial literacy in VietnamMISSION:The mission of MOVI is to advance the prosperity of our customers by providing fair and ethical access to credit through our magical products and services, enabling them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations

Free download MOVI Member v1.0.b189 for Android

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Free download MOVI Member v1.0.b189 for Android


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