Free download LionsClean v3.9.2 for Android

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App Introduction

The description of LionsClean AppTransforming Everyday Cleaning. Bringing Smiles while Bringing Better Cleaning.Features of LionsClean app include:1. Single app to control different types of Lionsbot\’s Robots namely the Vac, Scrub, Mop, Pull etc.2. Make the Robots start cleaning, pause or stop the operation3. Set schedules for Cleaning4. Get notified of the Cleaning results5. Move the Robot to a particular position on the map to start cleaning6. Make the Robot sing a song, tell a joke, greet the general public7. Use the app as a Remote Control to control Robot for spot cleaning8. View self-help videos related to Robot Maintenance9. Report issues in the Robot

Free download LionsClean v3.9.2 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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Free download LionsClean v3.9.2 for Android


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