Free download Green Chklist-DATE v4.1 for Android

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The description of Green Chklist-DATE AppGreen ChkList – DATE (Daily Activity TrackEr) is used to track all the checklist on hourly basis or once in 2/4 hours on daily basis. Various checklist which are maintained by housekeepers and M&E on daily basis like restroom, pantry, cafeteria, workstation, conference room, UPS, DG, Chillers which need to be cleaned and maintained where Green Chklist used effectively.Green ChkList – DATE consolidates the checklist on daily basis if the cleaning and maintenance need to be completed on an hourly basis. The % achieved will be real time on daily basis which aggregates to weekly/monthly/half-yearly and yearly.By implementing Green ChkList – DATE, the data is real time and the graphical report is prepared in efficient way without any paper stuck behind the door (or) in the pantry.

Free download Green Chklist-DATE v4.1 for Android

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Free download Green Chklist-DATE v4.1 for Android


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