Free download FIV5S v3.8.16 for Android

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The description of FIV5S AppFIV5S – Make You PossibleAn eco-platform app to manage your business which solves all your business challenges. FIV5S stands for Five Stars in which all services provided are duly delivered in top performances.Build and managed by SwepIT Sdn Bhd. to help out sellers and retailers to manage their businesses in various aspects of challenges such as.- Order Management- Courier Deliveries- Sales Calculations- Commission Calculations- Customer Service- And Many more…This eco-platform app plays important role in day to day business activity of seller who is actively obtaining sales through their leads and other sales source. The products being sold are official registered product from in which it has been recognised internationally through multiple branding awards.

Free download FIV5S v3.8.16 for Android

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Free download FIV5S v3.8.16 for Android


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