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The description of CORE AppRETAIL’S OPERATIONAL INSIGHTS TOOLCORE is an operational insights tool dedicated to retail. Used by owners, store managers and department managers CORE highlights issues around key products and areas in your organisation to resolve. Fix these to be more EFFICIENT and PROFITABLE.CORE integrates into SIGMA & IQ Retail POS or ERP systems with read-only access. It pulls End Of Day sales and runs exception reports to provide insights on Key Performance Areas. Products and areas that can be improved are highlighted per store and per department.CORE comprises of 4 modules – tasks, operational insights, communication & reports- Set & track customised and scheduled tasks.CORE’s task management tool enables retailers to:• create once-off customised tasks• schedule recurring tasks with automated reminders• track task progress to completion• escalate incomplete tasks- Review opportunities in key performance areasCORE’s Operational Insights Tool:• focuses on 20% of products that contribute 80% sales• identifies critical product issues to address• highlights areas to improve efficiencies• generates tasks for users to action- Communicate effortlessly at store, department and employee level.Create touchpoints between:• store owners• store managers• department managersEnhance transparency and accountability between all parties with CORE’s chat platform.- Save time by automatically generating business reports.Review operational performance of an organisation:• MTD• YTD• vs Budget

Free download CORE v1.6 for Android

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Free download CORE v1.6 for Android


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