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The description of GOALS – Brian Tracy Book for Business Entrepreneur AppIn this Goal Book Summary App from Brian Tracy, we will learn the scientific ways and steps on how to set your goals as well as how to achieve your any goals.Learn how to get the most of life by setting the right goals the right way.As per Brian Tracy we can achieve any goal by breaking it into smaller goals. We can achieve our 100x growth let it be in business, startup entrepreneur or anything, if we constantly work towards our goals and do all the sacrifices required to achieve our goal.Ways to achieve your Goals -Here are the 12 steps to set and achieve any goal:1. Have a Desire: What Do You Really Want?2. Believe That Your Goal is Achievable3. Write Your Goal Down4. Determine Your Starting Point5. Determine Why You Want It6. Set a Deadline7. Identify the Obstacles in Your Way8. Determine the Additional Knowledge and Skills You Need9. Determine the People Whose Help You Will Need10. Make a Plan: Put It All Together11. Visualize Your Goal Continually12. Never Give UpThe 7 steps for achieving any goal for any Startups, Entrepreneur & Businessman-1 — Get Specific about your goals2 — Ensure that your goals are Meaningful3 — Pick goals that are Achievable.4 — The goals must be Relevant5 — Make sure the goals are Time-bound.6 — You have to Evaluate your progress along the way.7 — Always Re-adjust your approach to reach your goals.Questions to Ask yourself to discover your potential-1. What do you really want out of life?2. Which are the activities that make you happy?3. What’s the one thing you would change about your life?4. Are you a positive or a negative person?5. Which things are you prepared to sacrifice to achieve your goals?6. What do you think is the first step you should take right now?Let it be a Businessman, entrepreneur or anyone without a goal, end up working for those with a goal. Those who got the skills of goal setting will be either very rich or very happy or both.The law of concentration says whatever you focus upon, grows, this concept is very useful to reach goals for any startups, entrepreneur or businessmen.You can achieve success in your business ideas, startup ideas, startup business, new business ideas, small business ideas like ritesh agarwal by simply following the steps mentioned in this Application.Whatever you focus upon anything like your business, startup idea or anything continuously, will eventually come to fruition.Goals are even a way to happiness. When you’re sad just think about your goals.People don’t set goals for the following reasons-They are not serious and have no real desire; they are talkers rather than doers ; they haven’t accepted responsibility for their lives ; they are afraid of failure.Remind yourself to keep in mind what you naturally do best and enjoy doing while prioritizing goals. It is said that luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. Or when goals meet natural talent.Our Apps content are from open sources. If you have rights for this story & your right wasn’t indicated or you are against its using in our application please contact us at [email protected] We will correct data or delete it as soon as possible.Our Apps Privacy Policy- highly appreciate feedback from our users. We hope that you will like our app. If you have used our app and like it please give your valuable feedback at [email protected]!!!

Free download GOALS – Brian Tracy Book for Business Entrepreneur v13.1 for Android

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Free download GOALS – Brian Tracy Book for Business Entrepreneur v13.1 for Android


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