Free download OBD2FlexFuel v1.21 for Android

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The description of OBD2FlexFuel AppThe OBD2FlexFuel kit allows you to adapt the amount of fuel injected according to the ethanol level.E10 fuel contains 10% ethanol. The engines are developed with this reference fuel. The quantity does not need to be changed.E85 fuel contains up to 85% ethanol. The quantity injected must be increased by 30% when the engine is warm. The engine ECU corrections are not sufficient to optimize the quantity over the entire operating range.In addition, ethanol has a lower vaporization power than gasoline.For this reason, cold starts (under 25 ° C) must be optimized according to the ethanol level. The application allows you to adapt the parameters of the first start-up to ensure optimum start-up quality.The kit was developed by a motor engineer with the aim of guaranteeing optimal operation whatever the fuel used.

Free download OBD2FlexFuel v1.21 for Android

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Free download OBD2FlexFuel v1.21 for Android


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