Free download Mobilize smart charge v4.7.2 for Android

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The description of Mobilize smart charge AppSmart Charge your electric car with more sustainable energy at lower costs! Mobilize smart charge is now available for:- ZOE phase 1 produced from December 2018 and equipped with EASY LINK- ZOE phase 2 produced from the 29th of october 2020 and equipped with EASY LINK- Twingo Electric equipped with EASY LINK.In your individual house use Mobilize smart charge app to:- Save money on your electricity bill;- Receive cash rewards for smart charging;- Help the electricity grid to integrate more renewables- Receive updates on your Smart Charging sessions. **How does Mobilize smart charge work?**You can specify your charging preferences, like at what time you want your electric car to be fully charged. The charging process is then automatically scheduled to maximize the use of renewable energy and minimize the cost of charging. All while ensuring your vehicle is ready to go when you need it! **Save and earn money with Mobilize smart charge**By helping to balance the electricity grid, you will receive a cash reward for every kWh you smart charge. Do you have an energy contract with off-peak hours or dynamic tariffs? After you fill in your energy tariffs, your charging schedule will be optimized to charge during lowest tariff periods. After each session, you instantly see how much you saved on your electricity bill.

Free download Mobilize smart charge v4.7.2 for Android

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Free download Mobilize smart charge v4.7.2 for Android


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